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My Why!

Yes, I first purchased Young Living for the oils.
They are clean, fresh, plant based and an alternative to toxic candles for aroma. Right?


If you clicked on any of the categories above, you can see they are so much more than just aroma! These oils are life changing and for many in our oily and natural living community, they are the first thing we reach for when we have a non-emergent medical need. But why I share Young Living with others, and have built a team of like minded men and women is for the "Whole-Life" wellness it offers!

There was a time not that long ago that I didn't really think about what ingredients were in my personal, household or pharmaceutical products. I figured if they were made and distributed by "reputable" companies, they must be safe. Right? Who has time to read labels or prescription inserts and decipher the ingredients?

WRONG!! We must make the time!

The first time I paid attention to the impact of toxins in the products we use every single day was during an introduction to Essential Oils class. It was shared how the average woman is exposed to more toxins in one day than her grandmother was exposed to in a lifetime! That statement alone was enough to stop me in my tracks and make me take note of the products I was using! Even more important to me was the amount of toxic chemicals my children and grandchildren were exposed to day after day! From body wash to medication, we have options!

When we know Better, we do Better!
I now know better - and I hope soon you will too!


Sandy Baxter
Be-YOU-Dew-Full Drops Silver Team Leader
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