About Us

We Truly Care About Your Health!

We take a holistic approach to living above the wellness line.  Our passion is to educate the world on our toxic environment and the damage it can cause to our health and wellness.  Then to encourage with the amazing introduction of essential oils and everything they can provide.

Who Are We

Everyday People

That form a team of like-minded teachers, Doctors, nurses, moms, dads, grandparents etc taking a pro-active approach to health and wellness.  From Essential Oils to household and personal care products, we are living our best life possible!

Our Mission

Educating The World

To share what we know and make sure every home is educated on the benefits of Essential Oils AND the use of non-toxic products.  If we make changes today, it can benefit the next three generations through our healed and healthy DNA.

What We Do

Share the Love!

We are grateful that someone cared enough to share the toxic truth with us and in turn we want to do the same.  We offer educational classes team wide events and even personal one-on-ones.  All classes are offered both in-person when location allows and online with Zoom Calls or Facebook Events. 


To educate in a fun yet honest approach and shed light on real issues in this country.  Issues like the lack of regulations on toxins in our everyday products YET a censorship on education in regards to alternative methods of healing, health and wellness.  We live in a nation where allopathic medicine has been regarded as the only option and for the most part, has been mandated by society after decades of social engineering to believe and propagate that way of thinking. Those that wished to seek alternative methods and learn about homeopathic approaches to health and wellness were deemed snake oilers and hippies. However, more and more people are waking up to the fact that the body is designed to heal itself and in many cases are seeking a more homeopathic approach which can eliminate the many side effects that often come from  allopathic pharmaceuticals. These people are looking for guidance, options and help on their journey to health and wellness.  That’s were we come in.  If you are one of these people, let us help you and those you love.  Please join us for a team event, contact us to schedule your one-on-one or even EARN REWARDS for hosting a group of “four or more” friends with an in-person or online class just for you.  Check out our Hostess Reward Program below and let us know if we can get you scheduled.

 to dive in and start your own research.


"In Six Simple Steps"

Step 1- Four Or More

Our classes are personal and very interactive.  We find four to six guests is just the right number.  Any less, you may not earn the Host Rewards you are hoping for, yet any more and your guests do not get the personal touch they deserve.  Everyone knows four!  Mom, sister, best friend, co-worker, church member, child’s teacher, team mom etc.

Step 2- Hostess Gift

Hostess Gift just for hosting an event with four or more guests that currently do not have an active account with Young Living.  No sales, no enrollments, no bookings required!  Just our way of saying “THANK YOU” for allowing us to share Young Living with you and your friends.  Ask your Distributor/Team Leader for her Hostess Gift Line Up.

Step 3- Booking Gift

After your friends hear the good news of Essential Oils and the not so good news of our toxic environment, they will want to share what they learned with their friends & family.    YOU will receive a Booking Gift when two friends book & hold a class of their own with a minimum of four or more guests.  Ask your Distributor /Team Leader for her Booking Gift Line Up.  

Step 4- You & Two

When YOU and TWO friends or family members love what you hear and want to begin your non-toxic and oily adventure with your very own Premium Starter Kit OR initial order of $100 PV or more, the night of your class, you will receive a SPECIAL GIFT.  The Distributor/Team Leader holding your class will reward this SPECIAL GIFT  no later than 30 days after all three kits/initial account activation orders have been purchased.  Ask Your Distributor/Team Leader for her You & Two Gift Line Up.

Step 5- Welcome Gift

FREE gift packet to EVERYONE that enrolls with their very own Premium Starter Kit OR initial order of $100 PV or more .  Ask your Distributor/Team Leader for her Welcome Gift Line Up.

Step 6- Earn Rewards

Our Loyalty Rewards program is for the serious wellness seeker! It allows you to earn reward points/dollars when you order the toxic free products you want  on our  subscription program.  Sign up for this program and stay on it for a minimum of 3 months and you will earn a special gift.  Ask your Distributor/Team Leader for her Subscription Rewards Gift Line Up.

Why Choose Us?

We take a holistic approach to living above the wellness line.  Our passion is to educate the world on our toxic environment and the damage it can cause to our health and wellness.   Our proactive approach offers the tools, information and products to help each of us live our best life and we would love to help you too.

Our Team Leaders are always available and willing to assist you with any question or concerns you have along the way.  We will assist you with basic how to questions  as well as be your first line of contact should you need to interact with corporate office.

With Team Leaders designated in certain areas to be available to every team member, you will never feel alone.  We pride ourselves in personal relationships and not just quick transactions.

Because of our passion and love of the product we have grown from a mother, daughter team to over 250 – with members from several states.  This Team is truly amazing and we want YOU to be a part of it.  

We have several Young Living Facebook Groups for you to join that include groups from our amazing upline leaders that offer a number of ongoing educational opportunities each month with live interaction or playback options. If you want to and are willing to learn, we promise this team will teach you all there is to know.

If you live in the northern Arkansas area, you have the amazing opportunity to join us live for ongoing and continuing education.  We host events for team members and guests and cover everything from Kit Basics to fun Make & Take events where we provide the ingredients and you Cash & Carry what you make.  What sets our team apart from most, we are still hands on when possible and online when not.  If you live locally, you get the best of both worlds!

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