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  • Friday 3rd- Gift with Purchase with Tammy and Sandy
  • Tuesday 7th- Teach it Tuesday with DeLisa, Jackie and Sandy
  • Friday 17th- FARM-acy Friday Q&A with Tammy
  • Tuesday 21st- Teach it Tuesday with Patsy


From monthly promos to our oil of the month to recipes and diffuser blends, all the great things for this month are right here at your fingertips, and they are not to be missed!  Let’s start with the Essentials!

December is here and with it comes so many wonderful things. We want to enjoy this season to the fullest by being completely present in each moment and by taking care of ourselves and families well. From monthly promos to our oil of the month to recipes and diffuser blends, all the great things for December are right here at your fingertips, and they are not to be missed!

The holidays are upon us and the year is winding down, so you will find us cozied up at home with those we love… diffusing oils, making DIYs, gathering with our family and friends. We are here to give full presence to all that this season brings, and here are a few products we are using to enhance this beautiful time of year!

  • Vanilla Oleoresin: For a warm, welcoming aroma. $32
  • Peppermint Essential Oil: For diffusing, baking, and merry making. $23
  • Christmas Spirit Essential Oil Blend: For all the cozy, festive feelings! $11
  • Winter Nights Foaming Hand Soap, 3pk: For clean, soft, moisturized hands with a scent no store can match! $44.25
  • Super Vitamin D: For immune, emotional, bone and muscle health. $31
  • NingXia Red Combo Pack: Packets for you, bottles for gifting! $158

Vanilla is such a warm, inviting and happy oil. It has a luxuriously rich, slightly sweet scent that enhances the experience of virtually every other essential oil, both when used topically or aromatically!

  • Add Vanilla to your perfume rollers as a low note to add warmth.
    • Geranium, Neroli, Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood, Vanilla, Orange
    • Vanilla, Lavender, Frankincense
    • Northern Lights Black Spruce, Vanilla, Tangerine, Bergamot, Geranium
    • Valor, Vanilla, Frankincense, Tangerine
    • Neroli, Jasmine, Vanilla
  • Diffuse Vanilla for a warm, welcoming aroma. Pair with citrus, spice oils, tree oils or virtually anything!
  • Add a few drops of Vanilla to yarn-wrapped pine cones for a scented fire starter.
  • Use this Candy Cane Lip Scrub daily for a little self love:
    • 5 drops Peppermint
    • 5 drops Vanilla
    • 1/4 Cup White Sugar
    • 1/4 Cup Coconut Oil
    • Whip coconut oil with a mixer, then add in sugar and essential oils and mix again. Store in a glass jar.
    • Apply nightly to lips in a circular motion. Wipe off with a dry towel.
  • Take a relaxing bath. Add 10 drops each Vanilla + Lavender to 1 cup epsom salt and place under warm running water.
  • Whip up a simple room spray:
    • 2oz glass spray bottle
    • 20 drops Vanilla
    • 10 drops Peppermint or Cinnamon Bark or 15 drops Lavender
    • Splash witch hazel
    • Fill with filtered water
  • Make this Creamsicle Body Polish for yourself and as a gift:
    • 1 cup Brown Sugar
    • 1 cup Cold Pressed Coconut Oil
    • 2 tbsp Vitamin E oil
    • 3 drops each Vanilla, Tangerine, Grapefruit, Lemon
    • Combine all ingredients in a metal or glass container, use in the shower to exfoliate & moisturize!
  • Make (and gift!) this Whipped Chocolate Body Butter:
    • 1/4 Cup virgin coconut oil
    • 1/8 cup pure organic shea butter
    • 1/8 cup raw cocoa butter
    • 1 tablespoon Vitamin E oil
    • 10 drops Vanilla oil per jar
    • Optional: 5 drops Peppermint per jar for a Mint Mocha flavor
    • Small glass jars
    • Melt together coconut oil, shea butter and cocoa butter, then add in vitamin E oil and whisk.
    • Refrigerate until almost half solidified, then use a mixer to whip for 1 to 2 minutes until a fluffy consistency is achieved.
    • Add in essential oils then place in glass jars.

As the gatekeepers of our homes we have such a great opportunity to bring in healthy products and create healthy habits for ourselves and families. Join us as we fill our homes with the scents of the season using diffusers instead of scented candles! (Plus this makes a wonderful gift!)

WHY WE LOVE IT It is no secret that we love diffusing – our diffusers are going 24 hours a day! One of the best things about essential oils is that they not only smell incredible, they have a huge positive impact on our health. We can diffuse blends that support immunity, our respiratory systems, healthy sleep, focus and mental clarity, emotional support and more. We can fill our homes with the scents of the season without burning chemicals or using ingredients that harm our health. For more about this incredible product, check out the Ditch & Switch: Candles for Diffusers Resource, then join us this month as we make this simple switch this month!!

Vitamin D is one of those supplements that gets a lot of hype, and for good reason — it’s estimated that between 40-70% of the US population is deficient in Vitamin D! And this vitamin is a powerhouse when it comes to our health. Immune, respiratory, bone and joint, emotions, autoimmune needs – all are supported with healthy Vitamin D levels!


  • Plays a key function in respiratory health
  • Supports the body’s respiratory immune system through its innate, adaptive defense mechanisms
  • Helps boost healthy immune systems
  • Supports mood and hormone regulation with vitamin D and lemon balm
  • Helps support bone growth and healthy muscle
  • Supports calcium balance and bone growth
  • Infused with Lemon Balm (Melissa) essential oil

Whether you’re walking in a winter wonderland or basking in the warm sunshine this season, this collection of diffuser blends will bring you all the cozy feelings of the season! Nature itself shows us that winter is a time to slow down, to rest, to find presence with those around us. It is a time of shorter days and longer nights, of cooler temperatures and warm fireplaces. And no matter where this winter finds you, we hope it is surrounded by joy and beauty within the day to day.

These blends feature tree oils, mint, and citrus, plus the warm scents of spice oils like Vanilla and Cinnamon Bark. Tree oils are emotionally calming and wonderful for grounding our hearts and minds during this season of slowness. Tree oils are also wonderful for the immune system, which is perfect during a time of gathering with loved ones! Citrus oils are happy and uplifting, adding a brightness to these blends that is welcoming and comforting. Peppermint is crisp and clear like freshly fallen snow and cool winter air and pairs perfectly with tree oils and citrus. The blends often finish with a hint of warmth from Vanilla, Clove or Cinnamon Bark or with a sweetness from uplifting floral oils like Joy and Ylang ylang.

Our diffusers are running 24/7 in our homes, supporting our immune systems, respiratory systems, emotions, cleansing the air and making things smell divine – all at the same time. Join us this month as we diffuse these favorite winter blends!

Monthly DIY Project

The ambiance of candles is such a lovely addition to the home, especially during the colder months! And since we ditched scented candles long ago (so full of icky chemicals!), we love making these simple beeswax jar candles and customizing the scent. Spruce, Peppermint and Orange for the fall, Purification, Tangerine and Lavender in the spring – the options are limitless!

One of our essential oil loving friends came up with the most brilliant way to have all of your favorite diffuser blends ready to go for quick and easy use. Create your favorite diffuser blends ahead of time in a few simple steps. These bottles look lovely sitting next to a diffuser, and this is also a fun way to gift oils to friends and family – grab your favorite diffuser, create a diffuser bomb and you have a wonderful gift at the ready!

Empty 15mL essential oil bottles
Bamboo dropper lids (or new dropper bottles)

Add your oils from your favorite blends. You’ll be able to add triple the amount or more depending on your bottle size. 15mL bottles can hold almost 300 drops.  Before use, give the bottle a slight shake and then add 8-10 drops to your diffuser.